Low Blow

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Nov 19, 2008

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Lea, ok I'm doing this out in the open so you can't call BS on it. 

I know the blame of most of went down after you came back can be set at my feet. While I can understand why you wouldn't want to speak to me, bringing Brian into this is just kind of low. I don't know why you have him ducking my calls, but I think the last thing he needs right now is the stress of being put in the middle of us. So could you call him and take back whatever you said? 

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Nov 23, 2008

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RE: Low Blow

You know, Trent, assuming that someone has done something malicious before knowing the facts of the matter is an early sign of clinical paranoia. You might want to get that checked out. Maybe see a psychologist about this budding problem and get on some meds? Even if I did talk to Brian about it, and I am not saying that I did not, but don't you think that he is smart and mature enough to make his own decisions about who his friends should or should not be?

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Nov 25, 2008

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RE: Low Blow

Lea, I don't need you to jerk me around about this. I went to see Brian again today and once again I didn't get an answer at his door, and when I let myself in there was no sign of him. Then his landlord asks me where he has been! apparently the landlord has been feeding Bens cat since the 13th, even when Ben flakes out he makes sure to take care of stuff like that. So if you haven't told him not to reply to my emails and messages in WoW I need to know. I mean have you seen the last posts he left on the nubuds site?