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Jul 9, 2008

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1. Do not loot during combat. Lurters will be bludgeoned to death and will not receive heals. Lurting is bad and all lurters must be punished.
2. On BOP items:
- the Master Looter will say "quiet" Everybody stay quiet, both on voice and on text.
- Master Looter will link a single item into raid chat. Master looter will then start the process for rolls.

Rolls will proceed in this order 
* Master Looter will call for "need" rolls.  If you haven't yet used your need roll you may roll at this point.
* If there are no "need" rolls the Master Looter will open up the roll to "greed".
* If there are no "greed" rolls the Master Looter will ask for the item to be Disenchanted.

- You have 1 "need" and infinted "greed" rolls.  Please be considerate of your fellow raiders.
- If there are rolls the loot master will count down, close the rolls and award the item.
- If there are no rolls the item will be disenchanted.
- Armor downgrading is allowed (ie, Hunter taking Leather, Druid taking Cloth) if statistics are appropriate. Please be considerate.
- Highest roll wins the item. If multiple of the same item drop (ie, 3 Hunter/Mage/Warlock tokens), a single roll will settle it (ie, everybody roll once, highest 3 rolls get tokens).
3. BOE blue/purple items are open for "need" but if there are no "needs" the item will be picked up by the Master Looter (or designated mule).
4. BOE greens will be picked up by the Master Looter (or designated mule) and be placed in the guild bank or disenchanted.
5. At the end of the run shards and any BOE items will be put into the guild vault or sent to the guild banker. The tabs are managed by the guild banker.
6. At all times, act with honor and bring honor to the guild. Whether this is in a guild-only run or when you are representing the guild in a PUG.

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