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In-Game Name gamerDNA Name Class Level Rank Comment
Lord of the Rings Online
Aeowynn Dured Champion 36 Member
Aleksandar pecanov Lore-master 60 Member
Aorman Aorman Guardian 60 Officer Tank and spank baby!!...
Asheric Rilion Minstrel 0 Member
Camdora Camdora Minstrel 60 Officer I am cute as a button, but my cry is something to fear....
Challis Swiftbow Challis Hunter 60 Officer
Drune Dured Rune-Keeper 18 Member
Dured Dured Guardian 60 Member
Elagor Eaglesight Elagor Hunter 60 Member
Fangle Tarkris Minstrel 60 Member
Fasthand Fasthand Burglar 60 Member
Firethorne majorlagg Lore-master 12 Member
Grimbli Grimbli Guardian 60 Member The Original, accept no imitations!...
Hardtime Fasthand Champion 60 Member
Hermes majorlagg Guardian 65 Member
Leviago Dured Minstrel 51 Member
Llyan Llyan Minstrel 58 Member
Malebonehead malebonehead Champion 100 Member shit...
Nomunae Nomunae Champion 60 Officer
Rilion Rilion Champion 60 Member
Shengal Shengal Hunter 60 Officer
Sheymus sheymus Burglar 44 Member
Spills Spills Guardian 60 Officer
Taborn Taborn Hunter 60 Member
Tiktakky Tiktakky Hunter 60 Member
Tripamir Rilion Captain 42 Member
Turtleofblades Turtleofblades Guardian 60 Member
Venessiel Dured Warden 23 Member
Zalegaran Zalegaran Lore-master 60 Member I Should Strike You With My Stick !!...

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