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Jumping Ship: New Website?

Posted by TheMightyGUEST on 20-Dec-11 08:29am

Everyone, Hot Carl's been looking around and he thinks he's found a good alternative to GamerDNA, if you're interested. Check out the mock-up we've got here:


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A Test Server Appears!

Posted by TheMightyGUEST on 17-Dec-11 09:22am

As I'm sure many of you saw from the announcement, this weekend we're testing a server host. I'd love as many of you to play as possible so we can see how good these guys are gonna be for lag.

The server address is

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Important: Server Migration

Posted by TheMightyGUEST on 30-Oct-11 09:57pm

Everyone, listen up. As you're no doubt aware, there's been a lot of issues with lag and general dissatisfaction with the server as we have it. So, here's what's happening: We're looking at potentially migrating the server. I've narrowed down the choices to FIVE UNSPEAKABLE CHOICES:
1) We choose to stay where we are and just tough it out, after all we already have everything set up... right?
2) DiscountGameServers.com - Despite the bargain basement name these guys have a reputation for fast and cheap servers. We'd have a monthly fee of $21.36, but it lacks a lot of the options that our current set up has, plus a lot that other people have. We'd have to know a LOT more about what the hell we're doing.
3) GameServers.com - We're looking at $29.95/mo here which is a couple bucks more than we're currently paying. They have a lot of the same robust control panel features that we Admins like when trying to make the damn thing work, but it's a bit of a price hike. Still, supposed to be fairly reliable.
4) Velocity Game Servers - These guys are a straight $1.00/slot setup, so we'd pay an even $24 for our TF2 server. Again, good reputation and slightly lower price. No word on how good the control panel is.
5) XFactor Servers - $23.76/mo for a TF2 server. Free webhosting (should we need it. We'd probably just use it to store maps or sounds). Has a game panel manager. Not sure about how good it is or how bad it is. Just don't know.

Also! As you might have noticed, we suddenly have a crap-ton of new friends in the server. Valve introduced server registration and the bait was the Halloween event this year... Wouldn't activate unless we registered our server. What this means, though, is that
We're finally getting the traffic we were lusting after! What this also means, though, is that we need to be ready to admin at a moment's notice.

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Posted by TheMightyGUEST on 17-Jul-11 02:42am

This thread will be used in the future as we make our donation system more sophisticated to talk about all the FAQ about donations. In the meantime, that FAQ is much simpler:

Q: GUEST!! you magnificent chunk of man-meat, where do I go to support my favorite server monetarily?!

A: If your favorite server is us, you can go to this handy link right here!

Q: Thank you, O Arbiter of all that is Awesome! Is there a minimum donation amount?

A: Nope! Any amount will do! At this point our monthly donation goal is roughly $30/month so anything you can donate would be greatly appreciated!

Q: Thank you, you magnificent bastard! I read your FAQ! Is there any benefits to donation?

A: Well, we're working on that as we speak. Any current monthly donors can expect to receive donor benefits active the month they donate (or the month immediately following if we get the system going shortly after said donation). We're also looking at a tiered system that will allow you to make one LARGE donation and receive several months worth of benefits at once! We'll keep you posted.

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Tr!be Recruitment Drive

Posted by TheMightyGUEST on 30-Jun-11 12:22am

The Tr!be is now recruiting fun-loving members! Apply here or click on the link at the bottom of the front page. Stick around, chat with us, game with us. If we like your application and we all get along, I think your chances are pretty good!

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