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Meeting the End

Posted by mykalgaidin on 01-Apr-09 09:01pm

I was concerned, at first, when a mortal was able to reach My inner sanctum, but I stayed My sword long enough to hear him out.  He is a warlock of some renown and power, and he sought My advice in a matter most delicate.  He wants to meet the Beginning.  That which spawned all of existence.  What he intends to do once he reaches his goal, he did not say.  I leave it up to each of You to aid him or not.

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New Underlings

Posted by mykalgaidin on 18-Mar-09 07:06pm


Please welcome Our newest Underlings-

tribault - Sammael, Underling of Death
n0mad- Nox Peregrinus, Horseman of War
dvader83 - Phobos Acerbus, Horseman of War

Bring in more Underlings as You see fit, but be certain to alert Me that I may add them to the role call.

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Posted by mykalgaidin on 06-Mar-09 08:37pm

Once you have brought your minions here, alert me and I will add them to the list of minions.

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Required Reading

Posted by mykalgaidin on 06-Mar-09 07:57pm

This should be read by all Incarnations.

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Posted by mykalgaidin on 06-Mar-09 07:28pm

Greetings, Incarnations and your minions.

This is a place of rest.

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