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Starcraft 2 Clanwar Match Heusa vs Xian

Posted by War-Go on 29-Mar-12 06:04am

A new clanwar match just got uploaded on our youtube channel. Playing here is Heusa vs Xian from Starcade Gaming. Take a look and find out how great Heusa handles early Terran Pressure.

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ClanWar Match Svensken vs Silly

Posted by War-Go on 27-Mar-12 01:47am

Playing here is Svensken vs Silly, This game is from our recent clanwar vs Starcade Gaming. Hope you all enjoy.

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Clanwar Highlight Game Heusa vs Melle

Posted by War-Go on 15-Mar-12 01:53pm

This game is from our latest clanwar vs Starcade Gaming, It was a long outdrawned clanwar , lasting for 4 hours. Playing here is Heusa from Starcraft Eagles vs Melle from Starcade Gaming. Well played by both players. You can find more videos on our youtube channel

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Stealhypoo casted by Husky!

Posted by War-Go on 14-Sep-11 02:22pm

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Sponsored Livestream

Posted by War-Go on 09-Jan-11 06:36am

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