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Welcome to Perks! This is our website hope u enjoy!



Posted by troldman50 on 31-Oct-11 03:53pm

Welcome to Perks! PLZ read our guild rules! As you must have noticed we are right now taking in all members, so we can get 25 but aslo because we then have a crew of awsome players! This means that you are welcome to invite all your friends to this guild. 

Then the hardcore pvp or pve player will say: "huh? Why should I join?" and for you I have to say that we will begin RBG's and arena teams when we get some awsome members. Eh and for pve players I would right now recommend that you join another raiding minded guild because i think it will take a good amount of time before our guild starts raiding Smile but if you are nice and dont mind it just join anyways!

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by troldman50 on 31-Oct-2011 at 05:47pm
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