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City of Titans

Posted by Stormistress on 09-Mar-14 01:34pm

If you are searching for the Natural Disasters SG from CoX, then I need to inform you that sadly the SuperMMO that housed our old SG is gone.

However, there are a few efforts underway to establish new worlds of superhero fun for us to explore and meet in. One such effort is City of Titans by Missing Worlds Media. You can learn more by visiting their web site at "www.cityoftitans.com". My handle on their forums is "Terlin".

I hope to see you on the streets of Titan City in 2015!


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Thank You for being Here.

Posted by Stormistress on 14-Aug-10 09:16pm

Hello everyone!

These are trying times, and I want to thank all of you for your support.

To those of you just returning: Welcome!!

We are running a light schedule at the moment, but I am open to any suggestions for events and teaming. There is the option to implement an event calender for this web site. So, if you have anything you want to schedule, please let me know.

'Mirage & Stormistress

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Base Feature Update

Posted by Stormistress on 07-Apr-09 06:35pm

Hello, everyone!

I just wanted to inform you that Enhancement and Inspiration storage have been added to the base. The Enhancement storage is in the second storage room by the empowerment stations.

There are two Inspiration storage stations. One (with the floating chest) is in the second storage room. The other is in the landing bay next to the control tower.

I have also placed a Pillar of Fire and Ice in the Control room, but may move that to the Pub if I can make it fit. That would give some nice use to that room.

Lastly, I plan to expand the plot size to the largest unsecured allowed. This will permit some re-ordering of the base. Let me know if you have any special requests. There is the possibility of setting aside a few areas for personal use if there is any interest.


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Posted by Stormistress on 07-Mar-09 07:48am

Welcome to Natural Disasters Inc.!

On behalf of 'Mirage, thank you for visiting. We are an Elemental-based supergroup located in Paragon city.
NDI members (from City of Heroes) please send 'Mirage an in-game email or use the SG chat channel when
you are ready to sign up for our new web home.

Please note that a screen resolution of 1152 x 864 minimum is best for
viewing the content on this site.

The web site is still coming together. So, please pardon our mess.


Note to self:   After you have customized your welcome message, your next step will be to invite your friends to sign up. They can sign up by visiting your site, or you may invite them from this link.!

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