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Getting the website back in order

Posted by Necragena on 08-Jul-12 01:45pm

Let's strive to make this website more active, now that our guild is actively involved in raiding and recruitment and the gang is back together so to speak. I'm going to need everyone's help for that.

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Posted by Necragena on 16-Aug-11 03:48pm

It's hard to believe that a few weeks/months ago we were discussing the mere concept of firelands. I'm proud to say we have a guild kill for Shannox, which is great. It required a lot of work on everyone's part, and had people not been dedicated to this cause, you know who you are, it undoubtedly would not have happened. So thanks again!

Moving on to Beth'tilac. This angreh spider has a handful of mechanics we need to be prepared for, and for us ranged DPS add mgmt is like priority 1, during phase 1. Those little buggies heal whomever eats them when they get to him, much like the soulsiphon/harvesty thing in forge of souls on that one guy...and I'm sure there are countless other better references. Regardless they shouldn't touch the boss/big Adds, and they only have like 120k health each, so it should be an easy AOE. That's all i have for now, I know we weren't doing enough deeps on the droid either, so I'm not sure what was going on there, other than perhaps it might be solved by having a melee with a taunt available to take the spinner guys, which frees up more of our DPS who have good AOE abilities. More research is required.

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Cata Raiding 2.0

Posted by Necragena on 02-Apr-11 01:31pm

Check out the new website teestal created for raiding info...merit system and EPGP including, I think.

Schedule up to date is Baradin Hold Mondays, Black Wing Descent Wednesday, Bastion of Twilight Sunday. (BWD and BoT subject to swap)

Grats to those who got upgrades this week!

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Update on Cata Raiding

Posted by Necragena on 08-Feb-11 12:48am

Looks like our raiding days for right now are Monday (Throne of the 4 winds) and Wednesday (baradin hold) at 8pm, try to plan accordingly if you'd like to attend and let's get some gear and guild achievements Thanks!


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Cata Raiding

Posted by Necragena on 26-Jan-11 02:14am

Yeay the times has come my fellow guildees, to gear up and get into Cata content. We have successfully downed Baradin Hold, i.e. the new VOA. And will do it again Thurs. Please continue to check your calendars and get that i level up in order to be adequate for our raiding/raid leader to place you kind of thing.

Some ways to do this...
*Gems and Enchants are always good
*Farming rep with factions that provide good rewards for you, arcanums, gear, etc. (Get their tabard too!)
*Farm heroics until you have all the heroic gear you can get [pre-raiding]
*Don't forget about justice points and valor points, some of the gear is good
*Reforging, Reforging, Reforging...make sure you are hit capped. Then adjust other stats accordingly.
*Do your cooking daily to get the specific food buff you need in org.

That ought to be enough to keep you busy until next time
Let's get to it!


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