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The KoA has moved to a brand new location: Join us at this new Site

Welcome to the Website of the "Knights of Aslan"


A guild of Heroes working together as one to achieve Greatness...

and have a lot of Fun lol


This is the World of Warcraft Site of the KoA, on Azuremyst Server. For Aion go to KOA Aion Site.

Some hints and tricks on how to join the site:

  1. Make an Account at GamerDNA

    The first logical step is to create an account at GamerDNA.  On the right top of your screen you can find the register button. To make things easier, I would like to ask you to choose your Main characters name as LogIn name. Be sure to enter a correct E-Mail adres too. It stays hidden, but it allows you to get important announcements on your mail...


  2. Let me know you are there...

    After you succesfully logged in at GamerDNA, the next step is to let me know you are there by sending me an Ingame Message. You can send me one, by entering into the Roster and click on me. When you get to my HomePage, you have the option to send me a Message. The moment this is done, I get an E Mail to let me know you are there. I'll invite you asap to the Guild Site then.


  3. Entering and synchronising your (main) character(s)

    After you have made your LogIn, the next step is to enter your WoW character(s). Here are some easy steps to enter them correctly.  Please read this very carefully, otherwise your character(s) will not be linked correctly to the Armory (= Official WoW Database) !

    1. Go to "Manage"

    2. First you have to Enter "World of Warcraft" as your game. You can add the "Burning Crusade", "Lich King" or other Games, but these are for Information Purposes only!  It is very important to link your characters to "World of Warcarft" and not the expansions!!!!  The expansions are not recognized by the Armory Database...

    3. Add your main character and link it to "World of Warcraft".

    4. More detailed info on how to synchronize your character, adding an Avatar, images or a Nice Signature can be found in this thread on the forum. 


  4. Have a look around...

  5. The moment I invited you as a member, you have full access to The Guilds Site.  You can look at the Roster to see the other members, The different Guild Ranks, the Image Gallery or have a look at all the information in the Forum.  Specialy the thread about the weekly and/or monthly events is an interesting one...

    To promote the social aspect, invite the other Guild Members to become friends, cus basicaly, thats what we all are...

If you have questions, just ask me or one of the Nobles in the game.

Guild Master
Knights Of Aslan


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