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Welcome to the Followers of the Holy Light!

Posted by Lofro on 10-Jan-09 07:42pm

Welcome to the Followers of the Holy Light, an Alliance roleplaying community based on the RP server Sisters of Elune-US.

Be still. Listen. Do you feel it?

The Holy Light is a power that flows through the whole of the universe. It is the source of life. It is the force of creation. It is the ecstasy and inspiration that drives mortals to acts of greatness and nobility. The Light is a force for good throughout the whole universe: indeed, one might even say that it is Good in the universe.

When you do good, you strengthen your connection to the Light; when you do evil, you weaken that connection. This belief has led to the creation of two organizations within our Alliance based in belief in the Light: the religious philosophy known as the Church of the Holy Light, based in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City, and the Followers of the Naaru, the somewhat more religious path of the draenei within the Exodar on Azuremyst Isle, Kalimdor. This community is dedicated to exploring, through debate, adventure, and study, the nature of the Holy Light and its role in the universe.

We Followers of the Holy Light stand at a great and momentous occasion in the history of our universe. Here, upon our world of Azeroth, the greatest enemies of the Light ever known bear down on us. But our Alliance, strong in arms and faith, will see us through to a brighter future.

May the Light be with you!

-Aldheim Sevenoaks, the Cleansing One

A few people have told me that signing up is a little confusing, so let me elucidate the process. (I'm new to GamerDNA myself, so I didn't quite understand it at first myself.)

1. You need to sign up with GamerDNA, which is very quick.

2. Once you're signed up with them you need to go to:
When you get there, you'll see a box asking you for a password. The password is "j o i n" except without quotations or spaces.

And that's all there is to it! You can do a lot more monkeying around with your profile for GamerDNA as a whole but that's all you need to do for access to HolyLight.


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So how do I join?
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