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Welcome to the FALLEN x PRODIGY web site. FALLEN x PRODIGY was founded in 2009 by four highly respected gamers. Together they created a new generation of XBL clan gaming. With there hard work an the dedication of our loyal members FALLEN x PRODIGY has become one of the most know XBL clans on the internet. With a mix of strict structure an unmatched camaraderie FALLEN x PRODIGY now has over 30 loyal an active members and continue to grow every day. As members of FALLEN x PRODIGY we pride our self's on fair play, team work, loyalty and dedication. Officially sponsored, we participate in highly competitive online Clan Matches and tournaments. Including GAME-BATTLES, MLG, and RPGX sanctioned events. This doesn't mean we don't have room for you more casual gamers as well. We actually only have two competitive branches GOW3 & MW3. Other games are played for the purpose of having fun and enjoying a more casual atmosphere. So rather your a competitive gamer or a casual gamer FALLEN x PRODIGY might be the clan for you. Take a look around, below you can find recruiting information and upcoming events. Clan rules and Rank requirements can be found on our Charter page.


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March Madness will take place on Saturday March 10th. It will be a double elimination tournament featuring two game modes, Execution and King of the Hill. We'll be using the Hypefestation ruleset so you must have the Fenix Rising Downloadable Content. There is a limit to 32 teams, each team will be allowed one backup incase a player is unable to attend.

FYC Gears of War 3 4v4 Online Tournament - Sponsored by Console Warzone


Event Info:

Date: March 24th, 2012
Time: 1 PM Est. start, tournament will finish in 1 day
Prize: Each winning team member will receive a Turtle Beach Ear Force
X12 Gaming Headset, sponsored by Console Warzone

Broadcast: This tournament will be dual broadcasted on
www.twitch.tv/consolewarzone & www.twitch.tv/banguout. You are
encouraged to follow both streams. The streams will begin with the Top
16 of the tournament. The bracket will be split in half with 8 teams
playing on the FYC stream and 8 teams playing on the Console warzone

NOW RECRUITING FOR OUR GEARS OF WAR 3 GB/MLG TEAM: Gears Of War 3 is the heart of FALLEN x PRODIGY. We take our Gears Of War 3 branch very seriously. Only the elite of the elite are part of this highly competitive team. We pride our self's on hard work, dedication, team work and professionalism.  If you are a Gears Of War 3 player and are looking for either a competitive or casual team/clan click on the banner above or apply below. You can also apply under General Membership and view more info on other casual games! (18yr or older)

NOW RECRUITING FOR OUR MW3 GB/MLG TEAMWe currently do not have a competitive team for MW3. We are always accepting apps for MW3 an any and all games. If you are interested in a more competitive team we currently are not at that stage YET. We are looking for players could help this process speed up a bit. To start we need a MW3 team leader an then the rest should fall into place. If you are at least 18yr and is capable of organizing and managing a competitive team then message FP x LEGENDARY on XBL for more information. Remember we are always looking for casual player to join, if you are a casual gamer looking to join FP x then message FP x LEGENDARY stating that you want to join as a casual member and we will review your application an message you back with either your exception or rejection.

CURRENTLY RECRUITING ALL GAMERS: We are always accepting casual gamers. If you are not interested with competitive gaming then message FP x LEGENDARY stating that you just want to join as a casual gamer to have fun. Your application will be reviewed and you will receive a message stating if you were accepted or not. We play GOW3, MW3, BF3 and many more. We also have in house tournaments and events with some awesome prizes to keep things fun and interesting. With a active web community and point ranking system to help monitor member activity and dedication we have little to offer everyone. Apply below to get things started. NOTE: Be sure to click on the none game specific application or click on the above banner, and only answer the general membership questions. (18yr or older)


Recruiting All Gamers

Battlefield 3 [Apply]
Recruiting all players. [Apply]
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 [Apply]
Recruiting all players. [Apply]
Gears of Wars 3 [Apply]
Recruiting all players. [Apply]


Ten New Achievements to Earn in RAAM's Shadow DLC

Posted by Lord-Bentley on 28-Nov-11 01:32pm

Excited for the upcoming RAAM’s Shadow campaign DLC? Hell, of course you are—a riveting new story, a dynamite cast of new and returning characters, and ten new achievements to bolster your Gamerscore. Just for the Gears community, we’ve got a little taste of the challenges to come in RAAM’s Shadow, with your first look at those ten achievements just begging to be earned. Don’t forget: RAAM’s Shadow debuts on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace on December 13th for just 1,200 Microsoft Points—or, for Season Pass holders, the sweet, sweet price of free.

  • Welcome to Zeta - Complete "RAAM's Shadow" in Standard Campaign on any difficulty. (25 points)
  • Some Friendly Competition – Completed “RAAM’s Shadow” in Arcade on any difficulty.  (25 points)
  • Help from my Friends – Completed “RAAM’s Shadow” in 4 player co-op in Arcade or Standard Mode. (25 points)
  • Finger of Doom – As RAAM, kill 50 gears using your Kryll.  (15 points)
  • I’m Rubber, You’re Glue – As Mauler, kill 10 Gears by reflecting their bullets using your shield. (15 points)
  • Death from Above – Using the Hammer of Dawn Command Center, kill 50 Locust.  (15 points)
  • Unarmed and Dangerous – Using the Loader, kill 10 Locust.  (15 points)
  • Ghosts from the Past – Play 10 matches of Versus as a member of Zeta (Barrick, Tai, Minh, or Valera) (Standard or Casual).  (15 points)
  • Foreshadowing – As RAAM, execute Minh 10 times in Versus MP (Standard or Casual). (25 points)
  • Zeta Team, Go! – Complete waves 1 – 10 of Horde with 5 players as Zeta (Barrick, Tai, Minh, Valera, and Jace).  (75 points)

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Gears of War 3 Title Update #2 Inbound

Posted by Lord-Bentley on 21-Nov-11 07:47pm

A new Title Update for Gears of War 3 is now available, and can be downloaded automatically by starting Gears 3 while connected to Xbox LIVE. The update includes a variety of balance tweaks, bug fixes and more.


  • A spectator mode option has been added to private versus matches for broadcasting by gaming leagues.
    • One player on each team will be able to choose spectator mode during match set up. 
    • The matches will be 4v4 with two spectators
  • The Leader and Vengeful medals are now easier to acquire.
  • The mutators Roadie Comet and Regen Enemies are now easier to acquire.
  • Added an option to disable the HUD during multiplayer games for machinima and video creators
  • Added a visual indicator of the next ring’s location during the last 10 ring points in KOTH.

Exploit Fixes

  • The Onyx Field Engineer medal can no longer be prestiged.
  • In Capture the Leader, the overhead Beams on DryDock are no longer accessible.
  • While affected by the Smoke Grenade stun, players will no longer be able to take hostages, pick up weapons or revive teammates.

General Fixes

  • If there is a host migration during Horde, the match will resume at the same wave.
  • Also during Horde, the Combat Engineer ribbon can now be achieved once per wave instead of once per game.
  • The Ranked Disconnect stat will no longer increase when quitting a standard Horde or Beast game.
  • The cringe from the Mortar will no longer cause players to drop their primary weapon.
  • The Hail Mary ribbon is now correctly awarded for long distance Boomshot headshots.
  • Maps will no longer be immediately repeated when choosing random map selection.
  • If the host pauses during a private versus match the game will continue for other players.
    • The game will still pause in the Campaign, Beast and Horde.
  • Potential fix for the rare lost progress issue.
  • Potential fix for the rare profile freezing issue.
  • Beast leaderboard screen no longer refreshes while sending challenges
  • Fixed an issue with the Chrome Gnasher skin not unlocking

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Gears of War 3 RAAM’s Shadow Available Dec. 13

Posted by Lord-Bentley on 12-Nov-11 02:23pm

Starring a cast of characters both new and eerily familiar to the series, “RAAM’s Shadow” will deliver more than three hours of new campaign gameplay set in a storyline that precedes the events of the first “Gears of War,” as well as six new multiplayer characters, the Chocolate Weapon Skin Set and an additional 250 Gamerscore. “RAAM’s Shadow” will launch Dec. 13 for 1,200 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, marking the second major game add-on for this year’s critically-acclaimed blockbuster, “Gears of War 3.”

“RAAM’s Shadow” drops players into the events of Sera post-Emergence Day, as Zeta Squad is enlisted to evacuate Ilima City and protect the citizens against a Locust Kryll storm. Taking on the infamous Locust leader from “Gears 1,” General RAAM, Zeta is led by Michael Barrick (from “Gears of War” comics fame) and comprised of familiar faces such as Lt. Minh Young Kim (“Gears 1&rdquo and Tai Kaliso (“Gears 2&rdquo, and also includes a new female comrade, Alicia Valera.

In addition to fighting as a new squad of Gears, players will step into the boots of RAAM himself, and for the first time storm the human stronghold from the perspective of one of the series’ most legendary bosses.

“RAAM’s imposing size and strength, along with his Kryll shield, make him one of the most powerful and daunting foes in the ‘Gears’ universe,” said Cliff Bleszinski. “We think fans are going to have a blast unleashing hell upon the poor humans for the first time in a campaign setting.” 

With the announcement of “RAAM’s Shadow” and in anticipation of the launch of the “Horde Command Pack” on Nov. 1, featuring new maps, characters, weapon skins, Horde fortification upgrades and Achievements, there’s never been a better time to purchase the “Gears of War 3” Season Pass for 2400 Microsoft Points, entitling you to the first four game add-ons for discount of more than 30 percent!


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Free “Versus Booster Map Pack” Releases Nov. 24

Posted by Lord-Bentley on 12-Nov-11 02:18pm

Epic Games and Microsoft are giving thanks to the entire fan base with the announcement of the “Versus Booster Map Pack,” available for free on Xbox LIVE Marketplace on Thanksgiving Day – Nov. 24.

The “Versus Booster Map Pack” will feature five explosive maps available in public matchmaking playlists – two favorite maps from “Gears 1,” Bulletmarsh and Clocktower, as well as Azura, Rustlung and Blood Drive from the “Horde Command Pack.”

While the “Versus Booster Map Pack” will unlock five new multiplayer battlegrounds for public matchmaking, those who purchase the “Horde Command Pack” (or access it through the “Gears of War 3” Season Pass) will still have exclusive access to the pack’s Horde fortification upgrades, new playable characters like Bernie Mataki, Big Rig Dizzy and the Onyx Guard, as well as the Team Plasma and Jungle Camo weapon skins.  And remember, the only way to play Horde, Beast, or a privately hosted game on Azura, Rustlung, and Blood Drive will be to purchase Horde Command Pack. 

There’s never been a better time to grab a copy of “Gears of War 3” and jump into the action on Xbox LIVE. Don’t miss any of the action and purchase the “Gears of War 3” Season Pass for 2400 Microsoft Points, which entitles you to the first four game add-ons for a discount of more than 30 percent! Stay tuned for additional announcements as the battle rages on in 2012 with more game add-ons coming next year.


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