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see ya [F1U]

Posted by F1U on 09-Dec-08 07:57pm

THEnd says see u [F1U]s later.its time for me to play alone might see you in randoms.good luck with the clan
(if you want me back u godda bribe me, big time)

THEnd has left the building

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Posted by F1U on 08-Dec-08 05:02pm

[F1U]THEnd vs [TLOB]Coper
      win                 lose

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Posted by F1U on 07-Dec-08 08:20pm

Team Battle

[F1U]THEnd+[F1U]Doom win


[TLOB]RIDD+[TLOB]Isaac lose

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Posted by F1U on 07-Dec-08 05:19pm

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

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Posted by F1U on 07-Dec-08 10:43am

Welcome to F1U!

We would like to make your stay on GamerDNA a pleasant one. The first thing you will probably want to do is to edit this message, which you may do by clicking on the "Edit" button beneath. Let everyone know what you are up to here! The editor will let you include images, YouTube videos and other media. If you would rather post a whole new message, then try the "Post Announcement" button (above) instead.

After you have customized your welcome message, your next step will be to invite your friends to sign up. They can sign up by visiting your site, or you may invite them from this link.!

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