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Naxx/Raiding Schedule

Posted by Taleigha on 14-Apr-09 03:05am

So, we almost had KT, got him to 11% and then wiped.  I along with the other officers are trying to come up with some sort of raiding schedule.  I'd rather not do the entire Naxx 10 run in one night, and would really like to break it up, BUT we need to have the constant group on to actually put together a 10 man raid.  Jelly, Arale and I, have classes, and many of us work.  But in order to actually raid i need 2 tanks and 2 heals for vault and os, and 2 tanks 3 heals for Naxx (2 heals for spider quarter). 

The other issue that goes along with this is people signing up and then not showing up.  or people just not logging on at all.  i realize things come up, but so much of the time we depend on people actually logging on.  We cant just wait around wondering if you'll log on or not, please PLEASE be curtious and if you aren't able to show, let someone know, in game mail works GREAT! or if you can't log onto wow, email me, Bextress@gmail.com. Im looking for a consistant group of people that are actually willing to put in the time to help down KT. otherwise im back to recruiting to pick up more people and the current members are gonna lose raiding/heroic spots....

I need some input....
What do you guys want to do?

Updates for all

Posted by Taleigha on 14-Apr-09 02:55am

I would like to start out by saying, a BIG thank you to all who have signed up on the guild website.  Also welcome to the the new members.  i hope that you've enjoyed hangin out with us so far.  Here are a few reminders and notes for everyone:

**Check the Calendar**
/calendar, click on the mini-map icon...whatever it is you do to see the calendar.

All raids are usually posted on monday or tuesday.   All 80s are invited, and if you wish to go, SIGN up.  if you don't sign up you aren't going to go. AND please don't wait until the LAST minute to sign up.

**Guild Bank**

Blah.....Guild bank is ALWAYS an issue.  if you need something for your toon, by all means, don't hesitate to talk to me or another officer.  We have a fair amount of stuff hidden away in the Bank and im more than willing to share with people that need it.  DO NOT take items out of the guild bank to sell on the AH. i have MAJOR issues with this happening. which is why the bank access is so limited.  I tend to get a little forgiving and let people take more stacks, and BAM, someone takes advantage, and ruins it.  So just be careful...i do keep an eye on the bank, don't be suprised if i pst you about something that was taken out, asking what you need something for.  But im pretty understanding. 

**Heroics and Raids**

I like to run Heroics during the week and raids on the weekends.  IF you are interested in running with the guild, PLEASE save your 10 mans for the weekends.  If you decide to pug raids, please tell an officer or myself.  we don't want to count on your dps, only to realize that you are saved to a certain 10 man. 

I do actually have a board in my room with all the current 80s posted on it, in order of how PvE geared you are.  I like to see how well the guild is progressing. 

in case the guildies didn't know, we have a vent server (25 user) and the vent info is listed in the guild info tab.  I did have to change the password this last weekend, some random 10 man naxx raid was using the vent. 

I think that covers most of the reminders and info i wanted to share with the new members as well as the ones that have stuck around... Thank you all for helping to keep disbanded alive and well.....9 months and counting......

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