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Posted by Reaper011 on 14-Nov-08 05:19pm

Welcome to our homepage. We are a multigame, multiformat clan. We play any game we get out hands on, and are always happy to meet new players to join out clan or just have a few games with. 
Even if the games not listed on our site we may still be up for playing it. We have no memeber restrictions, as long as you enjoy playing the games and are willing to learn new moves and improve your game. If this sounds like you then give drop us a line and we will sort something out. 
  To get in contact with us you can either post on our forums or email us at chm-clan@gmx.co.uk.
 Currently we play Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii and are always looking for new players on all consoles. 
Looking forward to playing a some games.

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