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Guys new clan now so join its GW

Posted by MKoW on 22-Sep-11 02:19pm

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About me

Posted by MKoW on 10-Jun-11 12:57pm

Okay you guys are wondering why i am only on for a few minutes is cuz i am really busy and i am just on to check my mailbox so umm what i need one of you guys to do is that i am looking for one of the officers in the clan to take my place as leader for a week or two so if your an officer in the clan and you want to take my place for a week or two send a message on xbox and if the co-leader (MLNPrototype) is reading this, this should be you!!!

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Roster Updates

Posted by MKoW on 01-Jun-11 11:46am

Anyone on the roster with the _ or - in their names are ps3 and for my name there's 2 because one of em is psn

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Posted by MKoW on 31-May-11 10:54pm

NEW MEMBERS!! I was just on ps3 and i recruited 2 people

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Clan members!

Posted by MKoW on 17-May-11 05:53pm

Okay so anybody that is in the clan must go register now.

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