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Posted by Patromonus on 18-Feb-12 04:11pm

All we can say is "Welcome back"

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Hathor Ka Down!

Posted by Saledra on 10-Mar-10 02:12pm

Friday March 5th The Harlots of Tortage and Daisi's Dungeon went into T3 again, with great focus and persistence we got ourselves a server first on Hyrkania! 

Very proud of everyone that participated, now lets go bodyslam Arbanus!

Hathor Ka Down!
   Hathor Ka Down!

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Triplets down!

Posted by Saledra on 27-Feb-10 09:10am

The Brothers stand no more!! Well done to everyone involved on this great kill! The HoT/DD Alliance went on to Hathor Ka and with our best at 60% Im sure it wont take long before we also have the mechanics down for that fight.

So here's to fast progression through the rest! also, next time lets try to die less!! :P

  Triplets Down!

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Harlots & DD Finish the game!!

Posted by Saledra on 09-Jan-10 09:05am

Last night on 08-01-2010 the Harlots of Tortage together with Daisi's Dungeon took the fight to Chatha again. With great confidence, shovelchicks, hawaiian skirst, drop dead gorgeous DTs  and lots of beer we struck him down on the second attempt! 

After basking in our glory we went straight on to Wing 3 where we had some trouble restraining Viper when he saw the Cleavage lady. In the end it seemed like that was more of a challenge then getting down Athyr! She died after our 3rd attempt! most likely due to tank sacrifices. (god I love that boss).

So there we stand. Leviathus as our only opponent in a wing where we still had no experience whatsover. It was then where our fellow Harlot Nade stood up, manboobs juggling, and took us to victory!! Yes boys and girls, We have finished the game! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!  

Last thing to do is to thank everyone that participated in any way to have this great alliance come together like it did last night. We have our friends in Edge and Reservoir dogs to thank as well since it has been a long and awesome ride with raids going on with participation from all the 4 major guilds on Blackscar (or maybe all the guilds on blackscar period :P)

Here's to keeping this thing going all the way into Tier 3!! 

ps. Since I never took the time to put up pics from our Seruah conquests, looky here! its uploaded!

valia_picture071-png     valia_picture074-png
valia_picture082-png     valia_picture089-png

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Update on HoT Raiding!

Posted by Saledra on 16-Dec-09 06:54am

Been a while since I took the time to put some new pictures up from our conquests, soo, Ill wait yet a bit longer

But to not leave our fans (Hi mooom!) completely in the dark the Harlots have been sighted quite a bit in BRC and have been making progress right up to Chatha! Which obviously means that Stinky, Succy, Incu and Sheruah have all been slain!!

Big congrats to all the Harlots that made that possible and a sincere thank you to the rest of the active guilds on Blackscar. Its been pretty busy lately with guild alliances and what not, having raids set up with Reservoir Dogs, Edge and Daisi's Dungeon. So here's to more of that! 

To finish, Killiky tanked Krevus! Wooo! ( unfortunately he did not drop epics )

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