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Times of play

Posted by michtymog on 29-Nov-08 03:37am

In light of the fact that many DCR members are playing in different time-zones. It might be useful to post an approximate time window when we might all be able to play together.

se this link to help figure out when you're available.  Please enter the times you might be available at here please.((Preferably in 24hr GMT)

This thread is locked - please don't use the reply button. Thanks!

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A message from Steve The Pirate Receptionist

Posted by michtymog on 28-Nov-08 02:57pm


Greetin's to all those who stumble upon the fearsome lair of the Dim Circle Ring. If you be having any enquiries about wishin' to join, please be registerin'  and apply to join our scurvy crew below. Don't be tryin' to steal my booty, though...

In the meantime, have a listen to

The Unofficial
Dim Circle Ring
Sea Shanty

Steve The Pirate

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Our Games of Choice

Posted by michtymog on 28-Nov-08 02:53pm

Ultima Online

 The original and best MMO. In particular, try the free-shard The Expanse. This place has more features than any other shard for PvE gameplay. A fun and friendly place with lots to do and tonne of unique content which is wholly exclusive to The Expanse.

Fancy some classic, better-than-the-rest, in-depth MMO awesomeness?  Download the client here.   (To access the content you will also need to register to the forum and download the shard patch files, also, update your client up to version 7.0.12, no further though. Otherwise, you'll find glitches occuring.)

Voyage Century Online


If being a Pie Rat and life on the seas appeals to you, then hurry!

Download the Voyage Century client now.


Roleplaying more your style? Prefer to rely on your
 imagination and wits to create the game for you?

Download the Planeshift client now.
(Having trouble? Here's how to get the client to work)

Warhammer Online - Unlimited free trial.

Unlimited trial of Warhammer Online. There's a level cap, but worth a gander if you're bored.

Download the client here

Runes of Magic

It's heralded as one best of the free-to-pay MMO's around (Although with all the usual drawbacks.) with all the bells and whistles you could hope for.

Try it and decide for yourself. Download the client here ...

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Our tenet.

Posted by michtymog on 04-Nov-08 09:52pm

"Out of the Darkness, comes the Dim."

We are small, friendly and supportive guild. A fresh new beginning in the otherwise insane world of MMORPGs.  Aimed at that those who aren't wishing to get caught up in the rat-race and who prefer to avoid the nonsense of in-game politics. We just want to focus on having a jolly good time.

  • There are absolutely no guild obligations. All that we ask is you support your crew, should they ever need help.
  • Event-orientated and group excursions are the backbone of the guild. Guild members needn't play alone.
  • Also the Dim Circle Ring is an advocate of daft roleplay. There's more to life than getting falchion level 91 - we like to goof around while we do it.
  • We are a peaceable guild and will offer haven to those who'd rather just play in an amiable, non-confrontational manner.
  • Help is free and for the offering, as is the warm hand of friendship.
  • The Dim Circle Ring  is affliated with Planeshift, Guild Wars and Voyage Century Online (As "The DCR" - where we can be found on The Da Gama and James Cook Server.)
Our main aim is to relax, be nice and have fun.

Also, age isn't necessarily an issue for any applicant wishing to join, but maturity certainly is - all are welcome.

The Dim Circle Ring believe in the free distribution of  gaming knowledge. Feel free to to peruse the Voyage Century hints archive and  our Games Cupboard.

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We are Accepting Membership Applications

Voyage Century Online [Apply]
Recruiting all players. [Apply]