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Tyrian Evolution

Posted by dancers-avatar on 04-Sep-12 10:37pm

Okay, 250 years later,  human evolution has progressed to where the races of tyria have learned to jump [ and fall off cliffs] , ect,ect.... great evil has awakened....... blah, blah, heroes must  sober up n' fight....
  k, got it......
  Eh,  I'll be honest the game is MUCH better than i thought it would be from all that i  had heard. yeah there is a lot of bugs but it's only a week old, so lol...... After two weekends of  eff off gaming, I got the ele to level 50 so leveling is much LESS of a grind than i thought it would be . It is a very PRETTY game, n' it looks to be a lot of fun.

    As for the reform,  like i said in the other thread, i'd be more than happy to game with you guys again.  [for whatever amount of time i spend in game. most of the gaming i do is fps style like Left 4 Dead or Team Fortress 2. Those are some SEXY games <3  Which is why i suggested Cake lead us poor souls along the path..... XD

  As for  reforming under the same name, eh..... i had thought  since anet was gonna introduce guild halls "sometime" i would  buy a nice little island and fly the  pointed headed horse banner there as my island getaway. That and [SOTG] is the past,....   don't mind it as a monument but would rather  move on with the present. Which i'll make a guild name suggestion thread with some of  my ideas for guild names. bannable and safe lol.

  Though the thought of you wanting to reform under the [SOTG] name does bring a warm thought to the darkest depths of my non existent heart Cake, makes me shed a tear it did..... xD but while I would much rather  think of a much more awesome name, if you guys wanted to use that name, I wouldn't rage/have heart attack/die over it :P

   I am just thinking of a fresh start, diff guild, diff  web site, ect ect.... that's my thoughts on it,  idk,  what do you guys think?

anywhore..... one more thread,  then off to farm some iron n copper and then unpacking parts to set up for some wrench time on my car this weekend XD

peace all~

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