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A Proud Annoncement

Posted by death909198 on 06-Dec-08 05:57am

I am proud to announce that the operation is now under way. If you are part of the mighty few willing to help in this endevior, please contact me at Death909198@yahoo.comSmile

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Professions Guide

Posted by death909198 on 09-Nov-08 07:16pm

I am Proud to say that after much much much much much laboring The Professions Guide is finished although there are still a few things ive got to work out with the links all is well. Al of you should now me able to lvl your professions to 375 without problem.
The guides will be continued after wotlk comes out and more info on professions come out. As for inscription im still working on it XD

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Required Addons

Posted by death909198 on 06-Nov-08 09:25pm

The required addons section will not be put into place untill Wotlk comes out
and a list of working addons is compiled

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Member Rules

Posted by death909198 on 06-Nov-08 09:23pm

1. No stealing from the guild bank if any one is caught stealing (and you will be) there will be severe consequences.

2. Be polite to everyone

3. The banks fund are open as long as it's for repairs.

4. Any withdraws must be approved by the Guilds' leader or a Head officer.

5.only green + equips go into the bank this does not include recipes, ores, and other crafting mats

6. Scammers,Jerks,and drama starters will be expelled without any notice ahead of time.

7. Anyone who is expelled may appeal their case to the Guild Master. If he/she finds you were unfairly banned they will restore you to the guild and give you your old rank back.

8. If you are leaving for an extended period of time or you are training an alt for an extended period PLEASE tell an officer or higher ranking that you are leaving so we know your O.k.

9. Have Fun and help out whenever you can

10. Addons should be installed before you go on any raids/instances (this is for the convienece of the group your with)

11. Try to keep your crap together if you start losing it on guild chat the leader will try to see to your problem if he/she is on At the moment, If not just hold it together or talk to the highest ranking official on at the moment

12. If you have internet problems at times tell us before a planed raid/ instance so we can all extend our times a bit more just to wait cause were L337 like that Tongue out

13.No harassment the rules are the same here as in school kiddies.

14. If there is an expulsion because a higher ranking person doesn't like you for unknown reasons contact the guild master.

15. It is possible to work your way up to a guild master ranking so work hard and show your worthy and you might be the first person to have power equal to the master's.

16. In response to rule #15 you may gain the rank but the officers (and in some cases normal members) still have the right to secretly appeal an expulsion to the master if things are going on ,which are against the rules.

17. In accordance to #16 the defendant can also appeal their case. If both parties have good cases and show well thought out proof there will be a second chance for the defendant to prove themselves worthy of keeping

18. Officers and higher ranks are not allowed to take bribes. And offering bribes to officers will get you expelled.

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Guild rules

Posted by death909198 on 06-Nov-08 09:11pm

Be sure to look at the charter and  agree to it before you join.

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