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Our mission is to provide you with a fun, friendly, guild family in which to enjoy your online gaming time. Build friendships that will last and be the support for you in your Guild Wars endeavors.

Mainly PVE, we work on in-game titles, character advancement, mission and farm training. For PVP we work on allegiance title ranks and limited team arenas.

Friendly Luxon Alliance, Ventrilo, Full Hall, Killer PhNx Cape.

Experienced and non-experienced players alike will find a home in PhNx.

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Kreed Dukate

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Dodge Ball Events!

Posted by Kreed on 16-Sep-08 10:09pm

Howdy, here's the skills and template for pvp character for a Dodge Ball Tourney.

It's basically a mesmer that has lightning orb for 1 hit kill. Dodge ball will offer prizes to the winner. Please submit a request to me Kreed Dukate in game, or here on the site if you're interested to learn more or to sign up. Thanks.

Dodgeball Skill Template to be used:

Dodgeball PVP Equipment Template:
skill template

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Posted by Kreed on 29-Mar-08 01:13pm

Our webpage is a work in progress at the moment. Please feel free to leave me comments.

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