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Halloween Party

Posted by kainebiker on 12-Oct-09 05:05pm

Since Halloween is on a Saturday this year, we're having a little party, bring the kids and family after all the trick or treaters are done I'm sure it will devolve into some sort of Rockband thing.  Anyway show up if you want, we will have candy, beer, and food of some sort.  Costumes will be great, not sure what I'm doing yet.  But anyway see peoples there.

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For those of you with a Bluetooth enabled cell phone with MP3s

Posted by kainebiker on 22-Jul-09 06:01pm

This is what you want next...


These have great sound, the mp3s pause when the call comes in and restarts when it's done full controls from the headset keep the phone in the holster unless loading a new playlist.  If you have voice dialing it supports that too.  I love them!

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Another good one from Josh...

Posted by kainebiker on 22-Jul-09 05:46pm

For all you old school MECH-heads out there.  Here's your bone.... just hope it actually happens.

NEW MECHWARRIOR GAME - reveal trailer HD

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My XBOX took a shit again!!!

Posted by kainebiker on 30-Jun-09 01:00pm

Well my fucking XBOX went south again last night, no rings but the same symptoms.  So either the rings are coming or my HDD is starting to go bad.  So, going to do some troubleshooting tonight and see what's what.

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Rockband downloads in multiplay

Posted by kainebiker on 26-Jun-09 07:45pm

Ok I have a theory on how this works.  I think if one person in the group owns the download everyone else just has to have it on their Hard Drive.  It should work then.   Let me know what you guys think.  we should test it out some time.

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