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All Hail Blackgoofguy, our King and Savior.

Posted by VoodooKing on 29-Jun-11 01:29pm


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All Guild Leaders. Please beware of VP2008/VP aka Soh Peng Kwan.

Posted by VoodooKing on 04-Oct-10 09:25pm

Any guild leader who gets a recruitment request from this person should ignore him at all costs. His behaviour is atrocious and no doubt he will bring harm to your guild. We have tolerated him far long enough.

VP, you have never been invited to the guild no have I forced you to do anything you did not want to do so putting on your "Freedom!" tag is moot.

You have always been free to join another guild at any time but why you chose to hang around is beyond my comprehension. 

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Battlefield Bad Company 2!

Posted by VoodooKing on 04-Mar-10 11:36pm

Hi guys. The DA website has been quite inactive for the longest time. I almost forgot about it. However now that BFBC2 has been released, it's about time we get together again!

See you all in game! 

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Terminator Salvation Outing!

Posted by VoodooKing on 19-May-09 11:24am

Hi guys, next outing is to watch Terminator Salvation!! Details will be up as soon as possible.

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DA Chalet Outing

Posted by Hawklan on 13-Apr-09 09:14am

ok guys the dates are from 8 August till 10 August Morning check out. that means Sat check in till Monday morning out. I will go there around Sat Afternoon 4pm. I probably will need meet Voodoo and Razor to set up the place.
It's gonna be great time for us with food and lots of freedom. Bring a Console for gaming and anything for entertainment. We can raid the nearby malls also. We can have 2 barbecues. Sat night and Sun night. Lets make it great.

Will post later on how much it will cost. By the way Monday is a holiday (National Day)

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