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Flawed Dynasty

Posted by Myth on 08-Sep-09 05:00am

Anger? No.  Sadness?  No.  Regret? Somewhat

I really don't know what to say to be honest.  I thought that when I left, the leadership taking over would more than be ready to take over the clan.  Last time I had checked in, things were going well, and I felt a great sense of pride, and fufillment.  I thought my duty was done, and that the COHW would stay strong as when we first formed.  I see now I was wrong.

This is not a berating to those of you who have been here since the first days, those who helped in making this clan what it once was.  To those few, and you know who you are, thank you....

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Posted by nocbl2 on 26-Aug-09 09:24pm

Alright people, this site is dying, any and all of you who still bother walking over here go to this link 

To find the forum where we took original refuge from HWF. Go, go, go! 

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Posted by Aukele on 02-Aug-09 12:07am

alright im not even sure how many of us there are left it seems like every time i come back there is another person either leaving for two weeks or leaving period while this is fine i am worried that we cannot operate under these conditions so i am asking you guys if you think we should shut down for two weeks in a matter of speaking so everyone can get things in order tell me what you think

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