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Looking For Group

Posted by TamaraLane on 05-Oct-12 07:00pm

A Funny Comic called Looking For Group.

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Isle of Janthir For Guild Wars 2 !

Posted by TamaraLane on 18-Aug-12 04:11pm

We will build Ala Muki's Lair on Isle of Janthir server in Guild Wars2.

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Guild Wars 2 - Coming to a planet near you!

Posted by TamaraLane on 14-Aug-12 09:03pm

This is what it must look like when a dragon rises! This is right here at home in Iceland!Dragon Rising (or a volcano erupting)

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Guild Wars 2 Release Date!

Posted by TamaraLane on 28-Jun-12 03:28pm

Anet has announced a release date! August 28, 2012! The long wait is almost over! I guess this means that we will not be getting the story line in Elona that was rumored. I hope everyone is ready!...

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Wait I thought they said no DP....

Posted by TamaraLane on 14-Jun-12 10:09pm

"For each point of downed penalty, you start with less health the next time you go down."  Sounds vaguely familiar to me... ...

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Ala Muki's Lair on Facebook

Posted by TamaraLane on 27-May-12 06:22pm

Hi all,

I wanted to let you know we are on Facebook.
Ala Muki's Lair

I hope everything is great!

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DOA Glaiveway

Posted by Willd on 27-Apr-12 01:44am

http://www.gwpvx.com/Build:Team_-_DoA_Glaiveway. This is the link for the meta Glaiveway for DOA. This should make doing DOA easier.

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IN Game Price Checker

Posted by Willd on 23-Apr-12 03:19am

The Site for checking prices is argos-soft.net/gwestimator.

(made it a link - Tam)

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Creating Signatures on this site~

Posted by Shadowlyn on 16-Nov-09 05:49pm

How to design your own Signatures for this site~

Guests and members:

At the top of this page and your account, a little tip bar exists that has scads of info to help you learn the many things you can do with this site better. It usually has a tip listed by date you can scroll thru by using the little < and > arrows to either side of the date....

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Set the clock

Posted by TamaraLane on 23-May-09 01:14pm

It's important that everyone set their clock on the forum! We had some confusion because people had not set their clock and where reading the wrong time for events.

On the site directory to left, click on Events. At the bottom of the Events page is a link to you account settings. Click it, Then set and verify that you time is being displayed correctly....

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