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I dare you to not smile...

Posted by Drios on 11-Dec-09 05:24pm

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Always a Bigger Fish..er.. Bat.

Posted by Drios on 28-Aug-09 08:22pm

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Guild Leveling

Posted by Drios on 22-Aug-09 05:19pm

Some info about leveling the guild. Seems rather cool...
*All info from bloggers at wow.com*

11:44 - Guild Advancement now

They want people to be in a guild. The game is more fun when you're in a guild.

Players earn guild experience in a variety of ways.

You can level your guild up through 20 levels of guild leveling.

Killing a boss, rated bgs, areans, profession, and reputation ranks will all help level the guild.

To get credit for a boss kill, you need to have 75% of the people in the group be from your guild to earn leveling experience for your guild.

Each time you gain a level, you'll earn talent points. Each point will be placed in the guild talent tree. The guild talent tree will apply to everyone in the guild.

Guild talents will be like mass rezs and reduced repair costs.

Ex talents:

Everybody's friend: Removes the reagent requirement for raid wide buff spells

Cash flow: increases: the gold drop rate by 7% for all kills from creatures or players that reward experience or honor.

Another example: Summon your entire raid instantly!!!

These guild talents will be retalentable. You can respec your guild.

11:48 - Guild experience is converted into guild currency.

Things like a guild standard that will have flags from your guild on them.

11:49 - Guild heirlooms will be bought with guild currency. Variety of these types of items: mounts, tabards, etc... If the person who buys the plans leaves the guild, they don't get to take the recipie with them. We don't want people to bounce around from guilds very much.

11:50 - Players can buy these heirlooms plans from vendors in major cities.

11:51 - Heirlooms will be bound to the guild. If you leave the guild, the bound item will be automatically be returned to the guild bank. No more people leaving the guild and taking amazing items.

11:52 - New reagents are bought from guild vendors via guild currency.

Talents will be in the guild tree to increase effectiveness of flasks, potions, etc...

Instead of using a frost lotus, you can buy a reagent and use that instead.

11:54 - Next up Guild Achievements

New achievements will be done for this system. Some old achievements will be made into guild achievements.

Examples of Guild Achievements:

Have a grand master in every profession.

Obtain a legendary weapon.

11:56: Guild news feed, RSS to armory!

We'll show the last two to three days of the last thing that has happened to the guild. Guild UI is getting completely redone. Everything will be linkable. It will be filterable.

11: 57: We'll be providing access to guild member profession info. You can look right into guild member's profession books.

11:56: Guild Bonus, % of gold looted off bosses goes directly into the guild bank.

11:58: New UI will let you invite other guilds to events. This will be great for pug raids.

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Posted by Drios on 02-Aug-09 12:55pm

Check out these gems from various chat screen shots... Im in tears laughing at some of them... here are the top 100.
I about cried at this one.. lol

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Truth? You cant handle the truth!

Posted by Drios on 31-May-09 02:14pm

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Speedy Armory and More

Posted by Drios on 07-Apr-09 12:31am

Want to check out if that pug is geared and dont want to wait for long load times? Or want to have a visual of what acheivments you have (with discriptions of the exact date you acheived them.) or are missing?

Check out QuickArmory. Its simple, and fast loading, and the coolest thing I found with it, is it lists when you got what acheivemnt (with a calender UI), sorted anyway you like, and shows what acheivments your missing and where/how to obtain them.
Check it out.

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Life Fulfilled?

Posted by Drios on 23-Mar-09 05:12pm

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Dates of Raid Acheivements

Posted by Drios on 12-Mar-09 05:38pm

Check out GuildOx to view guild acheivements sence the release of Wrath, and when they were obtained.
Ours is here.

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Wow Armory Now with Vitamin 3D

Posted by Drios on 11-Mar-09 09:29pm

Check out 3darmory can 'see' what your current gear looks like... ya know... instead of loging into Wow... ><

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Raid Videos

Posted by Drios on 03-Jan-09 02:04pm

I have started gathering some boss 'how to' videos to help our fellow raiders. They are in the forums. Each has a link to the overall raild, and each video contains a link to the boss it portrays with background information and details.

Check it out. And happy Raiding. =)

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