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U can get these titles at forum depends how u'll work4 guild. Also titles will be visible at forum when u'll post. These are the following:

Chief- unfortunately can be only one
Deputy Chief- available 2 places
Gangster- some1 as fighter. This rank will get these who will prove themselves at FW.
Dealer- this special rank can be obtained by these who will the most help and support members ingame and on site, donate SP 4guild, will be rewarded with this rank.
Vandal- can be obtained by pvp killers^^
Member- these ppl that have already joined will automatically get this rank.


All better learn hard4 ur exams ! :D

Posted by MrFatal on 26-Jan-13 04:05pm

yea. So guild now is a bit dead cuz of many ppl here got their exams guild rather inactive.. So we also think of our future that is the most important^^. As soon as we'll bear with it we gona back and build our guild also give back2 its order. These who dont have exams- do not be sad- cuz we plan a lot of things soon that will make more life here.

hope ya all come back with best grades also wish u all GL !!!

our goal is to not be the best, but have fun by spendin time together as a team and enjoy the game. <3

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