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Have FS Helper installed, it is an add-on that pretty much helps with everything. click the link below and click Install Script on the following screen


When hunting make sure to be using the following buffs:
Adept Learner(increases the amount of experience you earn from killing)
Merchant(increases chance to gain double gold from creatures)
Conserve(increases chance to not use stam)
Treasure Hunter(increases the amount of gold you earn from killing)
Librarian(increases chance to gain double experience from creatures)
Animal Magnetism(attracts more creatures towards you)
Doubler(multiplies everything when killing creatures)
Death Dealer(gives a damage bonus for having a high kill streak)
Berserker(Increases Damage)
Dark Curse(Decreases the defense of the creature)

We have a guild buffer as well, be kind when asking:Fir3chick  

 Here is a Leveling guide..self explanatory

Player LevelCreature-LevelLocation
1-2Goblin-4Mountain Path/Goblin Cave
3-4Vampire-4Fire Chasm
5-8Shambler-9Elya Plain North
9-10Rock Golem-10Elya Plains South
11Nomad Magi-12Otha Caves
12-14Slime Golem-14Krul Beach Forest East
15-19Orc Brute-19Galo Caves
20-24Nightshade-24Paladir Forest East
25-27Zombie King-27Ramdal Caves
28-29Shadow Dwarf Assassin-30Udan Forest
30-34Gargoyle-35Crystal Cavern Entrance
34-36Overcharged Spirit-36Gargoyles Den L.1&2
37-39Lost Soul-42Eerie Moors East
40-44Vampiric Raptor-47Eldira Port South
45-47Thunder Golem-49Hallows Caves L.4
48-52Ravager-52Death Gorge East
53-54Aquatic Horror-54Klar Labyrinth L.2

55-64Burrow Grub-65Odin Caves
65-69Shadow Reaver-71Orcan Forest North
70-71Masked Fiend-74Inferno Mountain North/South
72Hellfire Lupine-76Inferno Mountain East
73-74Sandvark-78Inferno Mountain West
75-79Ice Griffin-81The Glacier Front World
80-82Red Devil-83Crypt of Carnage
83-85Crazed Moth-88Haunted Swamps Ruins
86-89Ice Elf Witch-90Depths of Despair L.4
90-94Assassin Slime Bug-96Pennalor Swamps
95-97Swamp Tree Anaconda-98Savage Ruins West
98-99Poison Slime Bug-99Eldora Plains North
100-102Azlore Deinonychus-102Kijanamo Wild West
103-104Voodoo Zombie-108Oland Briar South

105-106Voodoo Zombie Rogue-109Saneri Rocks North
107-109Possessed Voodoo Doll-110Enkmar Scrubland South
110-112Wood Elf Maid-113Lenzwer Forest North
113-114Grizlor Bear-114Kentlor Caves
115-117Two Stripe Marauder Orc-118Melsaur Moutains North
118-119Tree Lurker-120Gadrel Swamps
120The Burning Ethereal-121Ethereal City
121Gelatinous Fiend-122Ethereal Graveyard
122-123Leviathan of Dion-123
Ipos Hellion (Champion)-125
Ethereal Badlands
124Zagan Succuban-125Ethereal Plains
125Iron Face Orc-127Jahd Swamp North
126Iron Face Orc-127Jahd Swamp West
127Hydra-128Jahd Swamp South
128-129Mud Monster-129Jahd Swamp East
130Manticore-130Werzel Islands South
131-132Gorgo Lizard-132Dekma Jungle North
133Giant Fiddler Crab-134Dekma Jungle West
134Undead Pirate-135Reigma Beach North
135-136Undead Pirate-135Reigma Beach South
137Anklar Sand Worm-136Anklar Flats North
138Rock Rhino-139Anklar Flats South
139Rock Rhino-139Anklar Flats East
140-141Blood Murcury Fiend-142Metlair East
142Slother-143Metlair South
143Sabertooth Rockcat-144Metlair West
144Ashen Goat-145Appela Mountains North
145Giant Grints Bee-146Grints Forest North
146-147Great Orb Spider-147Grints Forest South/East
148Emerald Tree Viper-148Grints Forest West
149Desvictus Horror-149Appela Mountains South
150-151Vexus Wasp-151Ekloren North
152Ash Waste Nomad-152Ekloren South
153Ash Waste Shaman-153Ekloren East
154Ash Wolf-154Ekloren West

155Ash Guardsman-155Khorl North
156Ashen Brute-156Khorl South
157Fire Deity-157Dokar North
158Devil of Torment-158Dokar South
159Magma Beast-159Dokar East
160-161Bloodhorn-161Emerye North
162Uknor Skeleton-162Emerye East
163Waste Stalker-163Emerye South
164Organ Harvester-164Emerye West
165Flesh Golem-165Kral North
166Flesh Berserker-166Kral East
167Flesh Centaur-167Kral South
168Kragull-168Kral West
169Goatman-169Dunale North
170Flesh Warlock-170Dunale South
171Yari-171Pelrei North
172Heath Genie-172Pelrei South
173White Elnorphant-173Pelrei East
174Roc-174Gumbrel North
175Was Elnorphant-175Gumbrel South
176Centagus Archer-176Naral North
177Centagus Knight-177Naral South
178Centagus Marauder-178Naral East
179Naral Pegasus-179Naral West
180-181Swamp Wyrm-181Brale North/South
182Krocalint-182Brale East
183Desolator-183Brale West
184Cave Wight-185Angal Caves North
185Cave Wight-185Angal Caves South
186Cacti Cat-186Pelsar Canyon North
187Nazum-187Pelsar Canyon South
188Pelsar Ogre-188Pelsar Canyon East
189Thunder Bird-189Pelsar Canyon West
190Black Dog Of Crombe-190Crombe Moors North
191Crow Flock-191Crombe Moors South
192Soil Golem-192Crombe Moors East
193Arms of Crombe-193Crombe Moors West
194Khazal Gargoyle-194Tower of Khazal L.1
195Carnivorous Slime-195Tower of Khazal L.2
196Narkort Moose-196Narkort North
197Plains Trolls-197Narkort South
198Mega Worm-198Narkort East
199Narkortian Shade-199Narkort West
200Giant Khel Bear-200Khel North
201Itzsu Goblin-201Khel South
202Orca-202Khel East
203Ice Man-203Khel West
204Lava Raptor-204Daradom Caves

205Sulphur Bats-205Daradom Peak
206Maedos Boar-206Maedos North
207Maedos Elf Scout-207Maedos South
208Ruir Orc-208Maedos East
209Timberman-209Maedos West
210Malefor Bomber-210Bahruir North
211Malefor Asphyxiator-211Bahruir South
212Ruir Orcont-212Bahruir East
213Malefor Enforcer-213Bahruir West
214Malefor Techno Magi-214Aydr North
215Malefor Ascended Magi-215Aydr South
216Yuzha Giant Crab-216Yuzha North
217Zombie Pirate-217Yuzha South
218Zombie Swashbuckler-218Yuzha East
219Lobsteroid-219Yuzha West
220Twin Headed Spitting Cobra-220Miyal North
221Flesh Eating Any Swarm-221Miyal South
222Bone Face Goblin-222Miyal East
223Geater Jaguar-223Miyal West
224Glow Worm-224Kozyu North
225Kozyu Crystal Beast-225Kozyu South
226Falagi Death Demon-226Falagi North
227Spiked Fiend-227Falagi South
228Asura of Falagi-228Falagi East
229Hathi Colossus-229Falagi West
230Hamurin Monkey-230Ankura North
231Ankurian Bull Rider-231Ankura South
232Ankura Head-232Ankura East
233Karka-233Ankura West
234Blue Tiger-234Asjal North
235Steel Naga-235Asjal South
236The Forgotten-236Faroth North
237The Invisible-237Faroth South
238The Flayer-238Faroth Easttd>
239Feral Flame-239Faroth West
240Xexk Magi-240Emyr North
241Xexk Shaman-241Emyr South
242Xexk Water Master-242Emyr East
243Xexk Hound-243Emyr West
244Bobasaur-244Xenic Crypt North
245The Mauler-245Xenic Crypt South
246Lava Meld Demon-246Ralath North
247Ralath Inferno-247Ralath South
248Fire Doll-248Ralath East
249Eagle of Conflagration-249Ralath West
250Strike Bee-250Gerlond North
251Gralli Warrior-251Gerlond South
252Gralli Shaman-252Gerlond East
253Man Eating Mantis-253Gerlond West
254Swamp Worm-254Nimaos North

255Swamp Element-255Nimaos South
256Cave Bear-256Ghelmot North
257Skin Flayer-257Ghelmot South
258Ghelmont Bearcat-258Ghelmot East
259Sabercat-259Ghelmot West
260Ice Spider-260Ossrand North
261Ice Wisps-261Ossrand Soth
262Ossrand Bearcat-262Ossrand East
263Snow Wanderer-263Ossrand West
264Giant Walrus-264Vrandu North
265Kaneq Fiends-265Vrandu South
266Ice Kraken-266Frozen Flats
267Poison Swamp Worm-267Aldmar Swamps North
268Ashen Cloud-268Vorani Abyss
269Blue Mamba269Aldmar Swamps South
270Horned Acolyte-270Akenor Dungeon
271Quicksand Demon-271Ofron Islands North
272Sand Crab Swarm-272Ofron Island South
273Salt Jinni-273Ofron Island East
274Benthius-274Ofron Island West
275Centurion Bettle Larva-275Surfron North
276Surfron Centaur Hunter-276Surfron South
277Fire Sentinel-277Surfron East
278Centurion Beetle-278Surfron West
279Ghoul Looter-279Horthland North
280Zombie Crusader-280Horthland South
281Marsh Specter-281The Bitter Marsh North
282Bitter Leach-282The Bitter Marsh South
283Will o The Wisp-283The Bitter Marsh East
284Giant Snapping Turtle-284The Bitter Marsh West
285Ephal Venom Frog Swarm-285Ephal Swamp North
286Deschala Dragonfly-286Ephal Swamp South
287Giant Ephal Crocodile-287Ephal Swamp East
288Shenrall-288Ehap Swamp West
289Black Auroch-289The Grothan Way North
290Grothan Cyclops-290The Grothan Way South
291Dipsoshell Tortoise-291Theotis North
292Theotis Beast-292Theotis South
293Giant Theotis Lynx-293Theotis East
294Pugot-294Theotis West
295Hog Hound-295Krysa North
296Neanderthal Hunter-296Krysa South
297Hellos Terror Bird-297Krysa East
298Giant Ground Sloth-298Krysa West
299Dire Wolf-299Erosi North
300Apepinos-300Erosi South
301Neanderthal Rockman-301Selari North
302Proto Orc-302Selari South
303Smilodon-303Selari East
304MegaLania-304Selari West




Posted by Oreomonsta on 27-Feb-12 08:46pm

Hello and welcome to Aurora, a guild built and founded on loyalty, respect, hard work and dedication.  We are in the process of become a great family in the near future with the help of the individuals within out walls.  We are open to new members of different aspects of the game such as leveling and GvGing.  We provide gear and never have a problem with expanding our guild inventory for a member.  If you would like to become a member contact DarkHavoc, Oreomonsta, or AKewlName

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To apply, ask a high ranked member for an invite:)!

Fallen Sword [Apply]
Recruiting all players. [Apply]

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