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Posted by Catnip on 21-Jul-10 04:21pm

We have a new home!


It is live so please sign up! enjoy all the new features and help restore the forums.

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Posted by Catnip on 20-Jul-10 08:48pm

-UPDATE- we have a new home please sign up at http://furrballs.guildzilla.com/ asap please! thank you

Hello everyone!

I am sorry my activity on live is low currently but i will be doing alot more with you now. Thank you for your patience. As far as the lost keys have gone..  i have gotten somebody to help me with this (i cannot provide many details here) and i hope to hear from them very soon. If the situation has not progress i will keep calling blizzard till i make progress on the subject. For now please wait and know the beta is not over anytime soon!

for people who are staying in live i will make some alt runs and old school ones to help pass the time. Ryuujin is also making progress ICC and ruby runs if your interested please contact him.

To all new furr balls i am sorry you have joined us at a very chaotic period however i hope you are still finding fun in guild chat and will let us know if your stuck in a cupboard.

I would also like you to be aware there has been a series of hackings again.. please clean your internet files, cookies and do a sweep of your pc / avoid downloading addons for a bit. I've had about 4 a week so could be going down the list please be careful and alert the officer team of any possible hackers!


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Costume Contest

Posted by Catnip on 15-Jul-10 05:16pm

For further information on the contest please go here!

Thanks to everyone who took part! and our special guests Sphirit and Intrikate who came as goldselling noobs!

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Posted by Catnip on 15-Jul-10 03:42pm

We have won the Cata guild contest and 10 of our members will be playing Cata in the beta!

Thanks to everybody who helped with this. People with keys please check your email and battlenet accounts to download the client and add catnip to your friends once your logged in.

If you have not yet gotten a key please contact me asap.
If you HAVE gotten a key let me know as i must confirm to blizzard the key was obtained and it will be useful for you to be active and easily contactable by me.

Thanks Cat

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Sunmer News!

Posted by Catnip on 09-Jul-10 09:29am

The summer is here and so is the guild news!


First off i would like to say that Murzok will be leaving us shortly to join the army.. as one of the most loved and dedicated furr balls i have spent my time with i would like to say an offical goodbye wishing you all the best! and remember there is always a place for you here Smile. When you return Sphirit maybe shadow, Intrikate a troll and i will be hitting Tauro over the head for the QQing.. so not all will change Wink but I'm sure we will all miss you Murzok! and thank you for being one of my favourite furr balls for just being so interested in being apart of the community and helping it. *Salute*

Costume Contest

There is a costume on the 15th thursday 8 gametime before the Tank only run.
Points for Sexy, Creative and Style! 3 judges.
Top prize 600g will be other rewards also!


We are having a raid slow down at the moment.

There will still be raids (more fun / alt ones rather then 3 ICC progress groups) This is to have a nice break before Cata ect we will pick up speed again in the distant future mostly when the buzz of summer has died down. If you would like further information or are really itching to enter a raid please send me a mail ingame and i can access the level of interest for certain thing's. If i don't get any dramatic input we will just remain at our current relaxed state of raiding and i won't increase the runs any further.
I am also happy to take requests on events or fun raids we can do instead if your feeling a tad lonely!

Enjoy the summer!

New rank - Mini Elders and new Officer's

Mini Elder is an officer in training or inactive at the present time.
They will have a good few powers like the full officer's but not everything so please treat them like any other officer also!

The newbie's in question are Ryuujin and Gralshank so big grats to them! work work!

Guild Tabard Contest

There is currently a guild tabard contest going on!
Please follow the link for further details but we will be having prizes and a new look for Cata.

Outside Lich King

Although we are feeling the summer breeze and having a break from things some of you are still pretty active online wise so please take great use of other guildies! there are lots of furr balls on steam ect all the games there and few of us chilling on guild wars. Play with your guildies even outside of wow! Smile

The Beta

We have been enter'd into the Cata beta as a guild (not everyone)
there was a contest if you were not aware for 10 beta keys to the Cata open beta. Many of us went to take some lovely photos for a few hours and we managed to pick one and hope it will get us in Smile there are already some Furr Balls in the beta so head over to the Cata section for some sneak peaks!

Heres a link to the contest thread with further information.

Here is the winning image!

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