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Guild Charter

Membership Guidelines and Bylaws:

A guild is a like-minded group of players coming together for the purpose of having a good time. For some, that good time is only achieved by mastery of the game and the domination of other players as well as the environment. Others are just looking for the modern equivalent of the corner bar. But the point is ultimately to enjoy yourself, and help the other members have as much fun as possible.

As a member of this guild, we ask that you do the following. If you do not think you can hold to these guidelines, please do not accept the terms and go your way in peace. If, after joining you feel that other members are not following these guidelines, please contact the guild leader.

1. Don't be a jerk to the other members.

2. Members Must be Active
A member is considered inactive if:
* The member has NOT been seen on Mabinogi, under their guilded character, by ANY guild member, for more than 1 week. If you KNOW you are going to be gone for 1 Week or more, you must notify your Guild Masters ahead of time, and provide a brief reason for your absence. However, choosing to disappear for a week to level another character, Or Join another guild, is NOT acceptable.

3. Everyone must help their guild weekly by giving at least 10% of their online gaming time BACK to their guild.

4.Guild Chat Rules
* NO begging in guild chat.
* NO harassing fellow guild members in guild chat, and remember to RESPECT all guild members. If you have a problem with a specific member of the guild, please bring up the issue with a Guild Master in PMs.
* NO spamming the guild-chat (scrolling tons of text to get attention)

5. NO Botting, Hacking, Account Fraud
If anyone is found in violation of this rule, they will be kicked WITHOUT question.

6. When events are scheduled, show up fifteen minutes early. If you can't attend an event, please let the guild leader know as far in advance as possible.

7. We prefer that you install any UI mods/chat programs that the guild uses before logging in.

Notify Your Leaders
If you witness anyone in repeated violation of these rules, if you are being harassed by a member, OR if you have a problem with another member or the guild in general, please notify/talk to your Guild Masters. We are here to help you. Problems and misunderstandings can be best avoided and resolved in this way.