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Guild Battle Alliance!

Posted by Teaberry on 31-Mar-13 03:58am

Another epic Guild Battle!  We joined forces with Knights of Ni guild and had twice the fun!  Gratz to everyone for a job well done!  Special gratz to Damon099 for coming in 2nd place on the Personal Points scoreboard!

Glace Particpants:  juju145236,  Kilvan, Damon099, Innocentius, William901, Teaberry, Rytro, & Kevin18


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Dice PVP!!

Posted by Teaberry on 30-Mar-13 04:03pm

It was a heated battle but luck prevailed!  Damon099 turned out to be the (luckiest) winner of our Guild Dice PvP Event!
Congrats Damon099!! 

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Guild Battle!

Posted by Teaberry on 30-Mar-13 03:48pm

Gratz on another successful guild battle!  Glace too 2nd place!  PvP Elite juju145236 took send place in Personal Points on the score board!  Keep up the great work!!

Teaberry, Moondance, Steyzo, Akayden, Bella321, juju145236.
Not pictured:  Damon099, Wayne2, Traveler

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Guild Battle Victory!!

Posted by Teaberry on 04-Dec-12 02:27am

Candybashers guild didn't stand a chance against our elite PvP squad!  Great job everyone!!

zachboy87, Innocentius, juju145236, Itsame, kevin18, solisi, Teaberry, Krucifix,  Nanariaz, Damon099, Novah, zerobanditx, & Wayne2

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