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Welcome to The Feast of Crows! 

We are one of the oldest kinships on Gladden.  We are family oriented and like to help each other rather it be questing, crafting or various in game events.  We have Supreme Grand Masters in all areas of crafting and all various character levels.  So whether you are new to LOTRO or a seasoned veteran we think you will like the Feast of Crows.  Take a look around our site and fill out an application to join and see what you have been missing!


We are Accepting Membership Applications

The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar [Apply]
Recruiting all players. [Apply]


RAD Runs

Posted by koncreat on 20-Oct-09 01:02pm

Since we have several members who need RAD armour RAD runs are ran nightly now.  We will no longer post RAD runs in the event calendar.

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Event times

Posted by koncreat on 20-Aug-09 11:43am

The time that you see on the event calendar is based on your gamerdna profile and not the kin site.  So make sure to set your profile time to the correct time zone.

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Vent server

Posted by koncreat on 01-Jul-09 07:01pm

Client download:  http://www.ventrilo.com/dlprod.php?id=1

Server: barium.typefrag.com
Host: barium.typefrag.com

port number: 18052

Please get with me for your username and password to login.

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Posted by koncreat on 18-Jun-09 10:35am

Have some game information or a stategy or maybe you are stuck on a paricular quest and would like some advice.  Head on over to the Forums section.

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