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Alliance Leaders

Officers for FIRE Alliance
(guilds listed in no particular order)

Ala Muki's Lair [FIRE]

  • Tamara Lain - Guild Leader/Founder/Alliance Leader
  • Sir Flech - Founding Officer
  • Alexander Du Guerre
  • Jarett Chaosbringer
  • Zaren Karu


Furious Masticators [Nom]

  • Sunspear Palidan - Guild Leader
  • Shhhhh Wolf
  • Hav Oc
  • Maeve Lyss
  • Gooberlicious Monk
Army Of Grenths Embrace [AGE]

Flames Of Eternal Life [FOEL]

Bros Of Destruction [BoD]

The Lords Wrath [TLW]

Guild Of The Caosbringer [Wyrm]