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We now have a group in Xfire for those of you that use it, if you don't, you should at least check it out. Here's a link to the FIRE Alliance group.
Age is also sponsoring TS3. Connection info is T316.DARKSTARLLC.COM:10073 pw: guildwars

Originally Posted by stalebongwater
ok folks - don't know who if any of you know me - but i'm stale (also dan) and i'll be your friendly vent provider.

the info is:

vent IP: iodine.typefrag.com
port: 37326
pw: gwchat

it's set up to handle ~35 people at a time.  there should be 6 rooms set up (2 for PvP, 2 for PvE, 2 general - i think) use them as you see fit.

there may be folks from my previous alliances on there (the RIP or ODIN/THOR groups)  since they still have free use of it, either be friendly, or use a separate room - both work.

also, since this gets asked frequently - no, i am not going to make other administrators - i know i can set different "ranks" within the system - but frankly, this involves more micromanaging than i care to engage in.  if somebody is being an asshat, let me know in game, on the forums, or through e-mail - they will get a permanent invitation to the world.  (also known as the banstick.)

peace, eh?