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[FIRE] Guild Rules

This is my creed.
  • I will assist any allied brother or sister with no question, to the best of my abilities.
  • I will act with Honor, Valor and Truth at all times.
  • I will assist others that call out for help in towns & outposts.
  • I will heal others in need if I have the means to do so.
  • I will assist the lost and confused.
  • I will not Lie, Steal or Beg.
  • I will stop injustice by any means possible.
  • I will portray myself to be humble, friendly, but deadly when needed.
  • I will walk the path of light and share it with others.

This is my creed that I have been trusted with by the Goddess Ala Muki.

We are here to have fun playing Guild Wars, so lets do that! If you follow the rules set out by Guild Wars, that's most of it. Rules of Conduct. Beyond that, please no begging on Guild or Alliance channels. No begging in towns or outposts. If you need gold, Myself or one of the officers will be happy to help you learn to farm it. The guild is here to help you and you are in the guild to help others.

Members of Ala Mukies Lair may not charge Guild members or Alliance members for help. It is expected that as a member of this guild you will provide help, (whenever possible), to any other member who needs it. Charging a guild or alliance member for help is grounds for expulsion from the guild. Members of Ala Mukies Lair may charge non members for services, such as
  • Runs
  • Farming Runs of difficult areas
  • Ferrying
  • Runs of difficult missions
Contact a guild officer if you have questions.

Officer's Duties
Officers are expected to:
  • Be active Guild Wars players
  • Help guildies and alliance members whenever possible
  • Be a member of the forum & visit it at least 1 time per week to check for communications
  • Participate in alliance meetings and decisions
  • Participate and help organize guild events

Failure to fulfill your duties will result in a warning and ultimately a demotion to member status. If you find that you can no longer fulfill the role of officer, or no longer desire to, please step down.

Inactive Members:
All members:
2 months unexcused inactivity will result in removal from the guild.

2 weeks unexcused inactivity will result in a demotion to member status.
Special exceptions will be made based on prior written notification.
Members dismissed for inactivity may reapply for membership to the guild if they return to active status. Officers demoted for inactivity may request reinstatement after a reasonable period of activity.

There is no current Membership goal. I prefer quality over quantity, so please take a little time to get to know potential new members before inviting them. If you see someone looking for a guild go ahead and talk to them and see if they might be a fit.

If you find a potential member, contact any of the officers that are online, or leave me a PM on this website with that persons character name, and I will be sure they receive an invitation.

Ala Muki's Officers List

Violations of rules are to be reviewed by officers and the Guild Leader, with the Guild Leader making the final decision as to what action if any is to be taken. In circumstances where the Guild Leader is not available, and action must be taken Officers may take action deemed necessary including removal from the guild.

If a member feels they have been unfairly removed or disciplined, they may bring the matter to the Guild Leader for a final decision.


We are Accepting Membership Applications

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