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Alliance Rules

Alliance members must abide by Guild Wars rules of conduct.

Process to add new guilds:
Alliance leader will send invite after talking with the leader of the potential ally . There will be a one week probationary period.
Switching from guild to guild within alliance will be allowed. It is up to the Individual and the guild they wish to join.

Only officers will be allowed to schedule alliance wide events. Members wishing to schedule an alliance wide event should consult with an officer.

Trade is allowed on AC but should be limited to only special items, an an alliance discount should apply to any item sold via alliance chat. (I.E. lockpicks are readily available for 1.25k in Kamadan, so should be no more than 1.25k to alliance)

Alliance Leader is responsible to develop agenda, schedule meetings and post minutes.

Language on alliance chat

Those who don't want to see expletives in chat TURN ON THE FILTER. If someone goes beyond a simple cuss word in chat REPORT THEM. Let the GMs at NCsoft deal with them. This is quoted directly from the Guild Wars rules of conduct "You may not use sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, or racially or ethnically offensive language."

The NCsoft instructions for reporting are here. I have found that in game reporting does not work, so I encourage you to be familiar with the web process, in case the need to report arises.

If a person is kicked from a guild within the alliance (for reason), that person will not be allowed to join any other guild in the alliance without approval of the guild leader who's guild they where kicked from and the leader of the guild they are applying to. Offenders will be black listed. If an offender slips back in they will be kicked.