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Clan Roles

Clan Roles

Commanding Officer - Generál Ármii SYN3RGY (SYN3RGY S2K on XBL)
      - Deputy Commander - Generál-Polkóvnik Packerton (Packterton on XBL)

Chief Recruiting Officer
- Generál-Mayór Azyriel (Azyriel on PSN)

      - Deputy Recruiting Officer - Mládshiy Leytenánt Mandozer (MoB Marine21 on XBL)

Chief Intelligence Officer
- Generál-Mayór StillChewy (Still Chewy on XBL)

      - Deputy Intelligence Officer - Open to Application

Chief Strategist - Generál-Leytenánt CommissarHybrid (CommissarHybrid on XBL)

      - Deputy Strategist - Stárshiy Práporshchik WhispOfDeath (WhispOfDeath on XBL)

      - Deputy Strategist - Práporshchik Totemkopf (Totemkopf on PSN)

Chief Training Officer - Generál-Polkóvnik Packerton

      - Deputy Training Officer - Open to Application

Web/Graphic/Propaganda Designer -  Polkóvnik Mike-V37 (MikeV37 on XBL)

      - Deputy W/G/P Designer - Open to Application


Endwar Title update and DLC! 4vs4!

Posted by Packerton on 11-Dec-08 05:05pm


Here for all the details comrade

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Second war Begins.

Posted by Packerton on 05-Dec-08 01:43pm

Alright comrades, its time to win, good luck.

Note: The in game TOW now shows territory control progress instead of just a bar thats always at 50 50.

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TOW is back Up

Posted by Packerton on 18-Nov-08 07:09am

Carry on Comrades, we are taking another stab at DC!

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TOW Issues.

Posted by Packerton on 16-Nov-08 02:13pm

Dont worry everyone, the TOW issues are being fixed as we speak, and the Ubi rep has said all data will is backed up and you wont lose anything, but anything you do now is pointless, so might as well stick to skirmish or single player if you need some Endwar Action.

Carry on Comrades.

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XBL Silver Account

Posted by SYN3RGY on 14-Nov-08 02:09am

Okay, I just got the account up and running. Everyone needs to friend request ENDWAR SGV. This will be a form of communication on XBL.



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