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1) I will read, know, and understand all server rules of any server I choose to play on. If any rules remain unclear, I will ask others to clarify them.

2) I will not knowingly exploit any game bugs. If I discover one, I will report it to the server administrators or my race moderator.

3) I will not engage in, nor start any derogatory posts, also known as “flame” posts, on any forum, nor will I disparage or insult any player in general chat. If I have a personal grievance with another player that does not involve rules violation or exploitation of game bugs, I agree to air that grievance with that player alone in private via email.

4) I will praise players who act honorably regardless of their race or alliance status.

5) I will not engage in espionage on any race regardless of their alliance status. I will disregard any information obtained from espionage.

6) I will speak the truth when confronted on any issue, including rules and/or anyone’s conduct in relation to them, regardless of the consequences to anyone.

7) I will endeavor to help players learn, understand and enjoy the game and help them become better players.

8 ) With regards to all the others who have signed this Code, I will support their claims and presume that they have acted honorably until it is proven that they have acted dishonorably.

9) All SFC2 and STO forums are a place where all who have access may freely speak their mind. I will respect the right of anyone with access to express their opinions as they respect my right to express mine. If I disagree with those opinions, I shall do so in a respectful manner.

10) I will keep all information and opinions contained in the posts in our KBF forum confidential.

11) If I am fairly defeated in combat, I will accept my defeat without complaint. This will include self destructing my ship if my ship is destroyed but I retain my ship due to game bugs.

12) I will not accuse any player, regardless of their race or alliance status, of violating rules or exploiting game bugs without evidence of such. I will assume that other players have acted honorably.

13) I will report any rules violations or game bug exploitations to my race moderators.

14) If I am victorious in combat, I will accept my victory with grace and will not humiliate or disrespect my opponent.

15) I will remember that this is a game and a source of enjoyment. I will endeavor to have fun and maximize the enjoyment of the players involved in the game.

16) As honorable conduct is hard to define and no code can predict every situation, I agree to refrain from any behavior that may violate the spirit of this Code. I will endeavor to act honorably at all times when I am engaged in the game. If I have a question regarding honorable conduct, I will ask my fellow warriors.

17) This Code contains no enforcement clause. I will police my fellow warriors and myself. I will engage in respectful dialog in the privacy of our forum when necessary to further the spirit of this Code.

18 ) I am Klingon. My honor distinguishes me from all others. My conduct is a direct reflection on my fellow signatories to this Code. I understand that this Code will stand or fall based upon my conduct and the conduct of my fellow warriors. This Code will guide my conduct regardless of how others act.