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To all who come before us, let it be known to them:

That, the Rainbow Waagh began on September the 16th, 2008.

That, its principles and attitudes were determined via electronic correspondence from the nameless one to a correspondent as follows:

Article I, "Server Check":
I was just wondering what server you want to create our characters on for the head start. I was thinking Drifting Castle...

Article II, "As you can see I put a lot of thought into this":

I'd like us to try our best and recruit only people 18+ or above,
preferably 20+. The older the better, allowing us to have people who
have to deal with real life responsibilities as well and not be
completely hardcore freaks.

I was thinking we would plan to raid pve
once or twice a week, and massive rvr once or twice a week.

Perhaps run a dkp system depending on how big the guild got, but would not require strict attendance in order to maintain membership in the guild nor gaining of loot [sic].

[R]ead there is a magic number of members when it
comes to guild levelling [sic], where you increase the most in the least
amout [sic] of playing. People speculate its around 30-50 people, so not a zerg guild and I don't think either of us could manage running anything
much bigger then that anyway.

Guild creation also needs sxi [sic] people to
start, 50 silver, and a trip to the capitol city. Our priority at the
beginning should be to meet some people and try and recruit early.

Once we decide on a name and a server I can throw some posts up on
forums for recruitment as well.

Wew, I wrote more then I had planned,
didn't mean to ramble.