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Dark Solstice Alpha has started!

Posted by LaiAhnaCharro on 11-Nov-09 06:50pm

That's right! I am in the alpha. Can not give out any info yet because of the NDA. I can say I am impressed so far.

New Games to play

Posted by LaiAhnaCharro on 24-Dec-08 12:02pm

Myth War Online
Tales of Pirates Online
Voyage Century Online
GodsWar Online
Zu Online
Angels Online
Wonderland Online
Myth War II Online
Aurora Blade


Posted by Lai'Ahna Charro on 18-Jul-07 02:08pm


CRUSADERS has been around about 15 years now.

Calling all ye crusaders from Norath, and all the other realms. Any newer Crusaders may apply as well. Let's get this guild back together here. Ok who wants to lead this guild? I like just being in it. /grin We do have good fun and great team work.

Every member can provide leadership to his/her guild whether or not they have rank.
Being a good leader isn't useually about giving other people orders.
A good leader is the one who initiates a plan.
A good leader can communicate their plan to their companions,
and a good leader can motivate others to do what they want done.
A good leader takes other peoples interests into account, they will offer solutions to problems that serve other's interests as well as their own.
People that show leadership will be recognized by their peers and obtain rank in this organization.
Don't ask to be a leader, just show that you are one by your actions.
Nobody can make you a leader but anyone can become one.


Leadership is more of an attitude than a title or position.

A good leader may look for a group to be part of at times,
But more often than not they try to create one.
A good leader can be part of a group and let someone else take the lead.

It would be nice if all guild members provided some leadership within the guild;
But we should also be leaders in the community, thats how a guild makes its reputation afterall.

I do feel strongly however that in any large scale combat situations that it is essential for one person to take command.

This is my guild philosophy, everyone should try to provide some leadership to their guild. And that leadership can take many forms.

It could be that you initate a group hunting party for guild members fequently.
It could be that you are helpful with quests to other guild members.
It could be that you are well informed about some particular aspect of gameplay and able to share that knowledge.
It could be helping to settle arguments between guild members in private chats.
Just being actively participating in guild chat.
Or making your contributions on the forum.

Crusaders charter

CRUSADERS will provide leadership in the community of Light.
CRUSADERS will declare itself a combat oriented guild in game.

Our Objectives are:
To have a mature family oriented group of co-adventurers who support one another.
To support the more casual styled players amicably.
To strongly encourage role play.
To capture and hold (or build) any buildings as nessecary and control a region of territory.
To be able to organize group events to do raids and manage conflict with other players and guilds.
To obtain some level of self-suffiency so that we may all be well equiped.
To locate and secure resources needed. To explore the land, to facilitate travel for the guild members.
************************************************** **********
All members of CRUSADERS will share the responsibilities of a Leigonaire of the guild, in that they will rally to the defense of our strongholds in the land.
CRUSADERS members will in no way offer support to griefer/gankers of any kind. We have orgainized the Praetorian Order to hunt down and eliminate such individuals for the good of our community.
There are no limitations of race, class or religion required to become a member of CRUSADERS, but all will be expected to uphold the principles of honor. And to deal honorably in all of your personal affairs and upon the battlefields.

As a mature oriented guild we expect our members to deal with others in our guild with the principles of Human Dignity and Respect ever in mind. And we encourage every member to uphold the principles of Leadership, and show the same respects to unguilded members of the community as you do our members. This rule extends to your activities on games forums.

CRUSADERS strongly encourages all members to group with people outside of the guild regularly, and actively particpate in the recruitment of new MATURE members.

Participation in guild events will not be mandatory, but as your time allows and you are available we do hope to sponsor events for the benefit of our members. ...

Crusaders new home

Posted by Lai'Ahna Charro on 18-Jul-07 12:27pm

Welcome to our new home!
Come in, kick off your shoes and get comfy. Check out our intro forum.


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