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Guild: Acolytes

"The Acolytes is a multi MMO gaming community that has been around for 6 years now. We have taken part in WAR, WoW, AoC, Aion, MO and have been up near the top on every server we join. We are looking forward to taking part in Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: TOR and continuing on our quality gaming experience we provide to our community.

Be part of more then just a guild, be part of a community! We have made a name for ourselves as one of the top MMO gaming communities around and we plan on continueing that reputation. Visit our site today at http://forums.the-acolytes.net and you can also follow us on Twitter at acocommunity"

Quick Facts

Guild Leader: Redruum
Profile updated: 1698 days ago
Website: Visit now
Guild traits: Adults-Only, Casual, Competitive, Crafting, Experts, Farming, Hardcore, Social, PVE, PVP, Raiding, Roleplayers, Techies
Language:  English
Timezone: Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City

Game Participation

Acolytes has played, plays or intends to play the following games:

Open enrollment

You may join this group without requiring further approval.


Age of Conan
 Scion Of Set
 fauxhall Fauxhall Scion Of Set
 JackyD Khaba Lich
 Perimo Perimo Lich
 Bishamon Bishamon Assassin
 Cetanu Cetanu Assassin
 Mister E Morphos Assassin
 Morthica Zer Assassin
 Shikken Miho Assassin
 Kasei Kasei Axeswinger Barbarian
 Kretor Kretor Barbarian
 Monkey Monkey Barbarian
 Morthica Dime Barbarian
 Osahar Osahar Barbarian
 Worgoroth Worgoroth Barbarian
 Bear Shaman
 Hamstiza Hamstiza Bear Shaman
 Kasei Seika Wolfseye Bear Shaman
 Rocc Rocc Stone`Bear Bear Shaman
 Saileng Leukos Bear Shaman 40
 Zeboodes Zeboodes Spiritclaw Bear Shaman
 Bulvai Bulvai Conqueror
 Dagothar Dagothar Conqueror
 Heronblade Jethro Surestrike Conqueror
 Prak Prak Conqueror
 Skullcrusher Skullcrusher Conqueror
 Spydervenom Spydervenom Conqueror
 Sven788 Gladiator Conqueror
 Wulvgar Wulvgar Conqueror 80
 Dark Templar
 Libiron Libiron Dark Templar
 Morthica Drak Demonologist
 Redruum Hiezu Demonologist
 Twiink Twiink Demonologist 80
 Cerberus Cerberus Guardian
 Darz Dairabis Guardian 34
 Herald Of Xotli
 Balor Blor Herald Of Xotli
 Gark Gark Herald Of Xotli
 Rimsky Kamenwati Necromancer
 Priest Of Mitra
 EpsomBlu Epsom Blu Priest Of Mitra
 Tereth Tereth Priest Of Mitra
 Trafalga Trafralga Ranger
 Zabier Zabier Ranger
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