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Do you own the Web page linked to by a gamerDNA favorite? You can help increase awareness of your content by encouraging others to vote and comment. Unlike other social bookmarking services, gamerDNA is organized around games and the players, guilds and clans who play them—which helps connect you with the people who care most about what you have to offer.

There are a few ways you can embed a link to the Favorites system, and all of them only need a tiny amount of HTML which you can add to your page.

Live Score Widget

Using a gamerDNA Favorite Widget, you can show off your gamerDNA score right inside your own page, and even show visitors whether they've voted on it yet—just as if they were on gamerDNA itself:

Vote this up Vote this down

Add the following code to any page you'd like to include a GuildCafe Favorites Widget on:

...You may add it to any part of a page, in the exact location you'd like it to appear.

Mini-Icon (favicon)

If you would rather have a small icon () that will fit alongside other social-bookmarking icons, you may use this code: